The Artidote

As much as I try to stay away from social media, I do get drawn in, often ending up down the rabbit hole. Sometimes, however, I come across a post that is just beautiful, that actually lifts my spirits and helps me to remember I am not alone with my thoughts and worries and doubts.

The Artidote, is one such page that releases posts that always inspire. Just yesterday I came across the following that was shared by them:

“your future self loves you. they will look through old photos of you with affection, not disgust, nor embarrassment. they wish they could tell you stories of your future, of how much you’ll change, of the people you’ll meet, of how you’ll eventually learn to accept yourself, then love yourself. they will read your diary entries and poems and favorite lyrics, heart aching, tears in their eyes. if only you knew…

your future self loves you. if only they could show you. they are living proof. you’ll turn out okay after all. they wish they were there to console you, dance with you, and make you write it a hundred times: “I AM LOVED”. they will listen to playlists you made, just to experience you again. they will write you a letter – of forgiveness, longing, reassurance. you will never read it. but you will know.”

With love, Hannah and Team Bird

PS. We still have a few spaces on our April Grief Circle. Grief comes in many forms and for many reasons. We may grieve the death of a loved one, the breakdown of the environment, a change in life circumstances, a version of life we never had. It’s all so worth exploring and naming in a safe space. Please join us on 15th April for the session.

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