The Beauty Of Us Ever Changing Humans

Wow. What a week. I promise not to talk too much about Brexit but it absolutely threw me last Friday, and that feeling lasted until about yesterday, when I started having more optimistic conversations about what’s next. I’m a lover of change, which is inevitable now, and so find myself contemplating how I can be part of a positive future.

But for a while there, it was TOUGH. I was zapped of energy, lethargic, confused, the ‘head fog’ analogy never resonated more. As I mentioned in my post last week I’ve been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster lately anyway and I think the Brexit decision compounded the way I was already feeling. It’s been a challenging time, and I know I’ve not been the only one feeling it.

However, what I know about us humans, the amazing beings that we are, is that we are ever changing. Miraculously, the way I was feeling all but 48 hours ago seems to have evaporated out of me, I’m feeling more optimistic, lighter, clearer and the only way I see that this has been able to happen is with the passage of time.

We all change emotionally from moment to moment. We will never forever be ‘stuck’ in one emotion. Emotions are energy-in-motion and will always find a way to move. The emotions that came up for me on Friday and over the weekend had to go somewhere eventually.

Additionally, what I know is that when we give ourselves permission to feel our emotions rather than suppressing them or battling against them, they move a lot quicker and we can come back to a place that feels good.

And when we find ourselves back in a place that feels good, other things become possible; ideas, solutions, connection, understanding of others who don’t think the same as us, hope…

We are a beautiful, ever evolving species. And it’s important to remember, when we’re experiencing challenging times, that we are never a million miles away from feeling hopeful again, although at the time it can feel that way. Feeling energised, excited, full of life, light and optimistic is always around the corner.

Life is a transition through a cacophony of emotions, embrace what’s here now and remember that ‘this too shall pass’.

Sending love, Hannah x

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