The beginning of the rest of 2020

I feel, sometimes, like September is a little bit like the beginning of a new period. Almost like the start of a new year, or the turning over of a new leaf. And here on the south coast the weather has dropped a little and I’ve noticed socks are becoming more of a necessity, signalling to me the changing of a tide.

Historically I’ve felt quite energised by the commencement of September, and looked ahead to an autumn/winter period of work and play with excitement. This year however, I feel the need for a different approach.

Rather than racing head long into these next few months I have been listening to what I’m craving, and it’s slowness and ease. This year has been a challenge for so many of us and I think approaching autumn and winter in the way we might have previously could actually lead us down the path of burn out. I also sense a collective unease about what might be to come over winter, and I think we all need to look after ourselves through that uncertainty.

For me, these next four months are time for wellbeing, taking my time, taking each day as it comes, checking in with myself regularly around how I’m feeling and what I need, and looking out for those around me.

Creating intentions for ourselves for the next few months is, now more than ever, incredibly important for us. So I would encourage you to find 5 minutes to think about what you need for yourself; do you need calm? Do you need fun? Do you need creativity…? What would really serve you for the rest of this ever so unusual year?

With love, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash

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