The circuit breakers

It can be easy to get stuck in overwhelm. We can spend our whole day feeling like we’ve got a never ending to-do list and working hard to keep all the plates spinning. Sometimes we get to the end of the week and we feel like we’re stepping out of a fog of busy, and collapsing into the weekend, glass of wine in hand.

For many of us it can feel like we rarely come up to take a breath.

I was discussing this with a coaching client this week, and one idea that came up (and my client was happy for me to share this with you) is the concept of creating ‘circuit breakers’. These are small actions (or even inactions) that pull us out of the merry-go-round of busy-ness. They are small things that help us step away from the ‘must just get this next thing done’ mentality.

They can be tiny. Things like doing a downward facing dog at any given moment, putting on one song very loudly and moving or singing to it, taking five triangular breaths whilst sitting on your doorstep. Something that shifts you energetically from the place you’re in.

Creating circuit breakers and using them throughout the day can keep you feeling energised and motivated, and can help you find a new perspective on whatever you’re working on.

I recommend you thinking of ten circuit breakers for yourself, and writing them up and sticking them somewhere you can regularly see.

And I’d love to hear how it goes.

With love as always, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

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