The Importance of Checking in with Yourself

Recently, I’ve been checking in regularly with myself through meditation. I’ve known the power of meditation for a number of years now, but I’ve noticed lately the deep benefit of regularly coming back to myself as opposed to getting carried away by thoughts and anxieties.

One of my favourite metaphors during meditation (and for being mindful in general) is the blue sky metaphor. That no matter how many clouds (worries / concerns / challenges) come up there is always a blue sky behind. Within me, there is always the blue sky, I just have to remind myself to connect back to it.

In the past I might have felt over anxious and scared when I’ve had lots of thoughts running through my mind, and looked to see what things in my external world need changing. But since developing a regular meditation practice I now feel in my heart that I will be ok no matter what. I have my blue sky. In fact, I am the blue sky.

And I notice myself becoming more productive because of it. What could be seen as navel gazing is actually a process that clears out the rubbish in my head, and connects me to bigger ideas and thoughts about what I can achieve and how I can positively impact the world.

Meditation is all about coming back to yourself, realising that we have so many resources within us. It’s about remembering we have love and light and strength and power within us, and it’s so important to regularly tap into that if we are to feel buoyant and energised as we move through life.

If you want to learn more here are some resources we advocate at Bird:

Thich Nhat Hanh 
Pema Chdron


Sending love, Hannah

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