The importance of revisiting old ground

This morning I was working with my wonderful coach and had a realisation. No matter what I bring to the coaching calls, I always end up back in a familiar, enlightened, empowered perspective. When I come to my calls I’ve often got myself into a tricky head space about a certain thing. These issues come in various shapes and sizes and have a band of ‘gremlins’ with them (negative beliefs about who I am and what I’m capable of). I so often feel like I’ve got myself into a whole new arena of uncertainty and can’t see or remember that I can find a way through.

My coaching calls often follow a very similar format, we explore what’s coming up for me now, I get to really feel the impact of the problem, and then I look at what I really want and how I really want to feel. It’s a simple process, and it never fails to get me back into a space where I can see clearly again what’s important and what I believe.

I’ve been working with my coach for a number of years now and am beginning to build a really solid set of beliefs that I seem to come back to again and again in my calls. I’d like to share them with you:

Having hopes and visions without being madly attached to any of them working out is incredibly exciting and freeing. I call this positive detachment.
My internal ‘gremlins’ don’t speak the truth.
Life doesn’t have to be complicated.
Life doesn’t have to be ‘hard’.
There is enough.
I can connect to abundance without being greedy.
I can revisit the same processes again and again and there’s always still more to uncover.
Self development and self growth never stop.
It’s easy to forget it’s possible to feel joyful, and that processes like coaching, wellbeing workshops, meditation, journaling and yoga bring us back to ourselves.
We have choice in everything.
Love wins.

I’d love to hear your set of beliefs, please share with me at to share.

With love as always, Hannah

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