The next question to ask your boss… ‘what is our company’s wellbeing strategy?’ 

Wellbeing, self-care, and emotional intelligence are not a luxury, they are an absolute priority.

The landscape is changing; early adopter organisations are recognising wellbeing isn’t a nice to have. It is essential. It needs to be implemented in order for individuals and teams to thrive.

This change needs to happen. The movement is starting. Feeling good at work isn’t an entitlement, it is a human right, it is the birthplace of productivity, it allows for authenticity, it leads to more connection, and it can inevitably help the bottom line.

In ten years time work will be a place of joy, where we all feel able to show up as ourselves, and to learn and grow in an environment that champions us in that journey. It is going to happen, but we all need to push the movement today.

Be the catalyst in your organisation to make wellbeing a priority. Ask your boss – ‘what is our company’s wellbeing strategy?’ And be part of history. Welcome to the movement << Test First Name >>.

With love, Hannah

PS. The picture is your boss loving the question and you and your colleague loving the response!

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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