The Transient Nature of Life

Life is always changing. We can see it in the blooming of the spring world around us. Flowers, plants, seasons come and go with time.

There is a belief, however, that maybe if we just do x, or sort out y, that we might get to some kind of nirvana where everything is good and stays that way. I have been guilty of thinking that way for much of my life. ‘When I have enough money in the bank things will be ok, when I move into the right apartment everything will feel perfect forever, when I have this many friends, this type of relationship, this level of work, I will feel happy ALL THE TIME.’

It’s kind of funny to write out and name, because of course that’s not how life works. Even when we get the money in the bank or the wonderful new relationship things will inevitably continue to change and shift and evolve. We don’t get the thing, feel happy, and stay that way. Apparently, we only feel an emotion for 15 minutes at a time according to the School of Life. So the idea that we could get to eternal happiness is a myth.

Life changes and evolves all the time. We have to learn to be ok with that. We have to learn to enjoy the things that come up and to also let them go when the time comes.

Conversely, it also serves us not to tell ourselves that when one or two things don’t feel great it means everything is falling apart, and will be perpetually hard. Glennon Doyle reminded me last year in one of her videos that life always keeps going, so even if you feel stuck in a hard place, life will keep moving you along, and sooner or later you will feel different.

The key really is to accept that everything that comes up is ok, is traversable, will change in time. And that the beautiful moments in our life are to be with as they arise, to accept and enjoy them as they are here, and to know that when things change we will be ok.

Wishing you a peaceful Easter break, with love, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by Samantha Fortney on Unsplash

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