The Yellow Perspective

Sometimes in coaching we invite people to think of a colour, and then see things from that perspective. It sounds a bit woo woo but it can be super effective when you’re feeling stuck.

When we’re feeling stuck we often feel a bit heavy, a bit lacking in energy, a bit grey. Connecting to something different – a different image/ colour/ sound/ feeling can help to shift something and trigger something new in our brains. And when we’ve felt a shift inside, it becomes possible to approach a task or challenge in a different way.

So I invite you to close your eyes for a minute, and see what comes to mind when you think of the word ‘yellow’. For me, it’s sunshine, sand, light, hopefulness, laughter, freedom, expansiveness. I generally just think of a warm beach day where the sun warms my skin down to my bones. It feels immensely relaxing and healing.

So go on, close your eyes, think about the colour yellow, what comes to mind….?

Once you have your images, you might notice you feel a bit different, notice what’s come up, what’s shifted in terms of your energy, your motivation… And now, look again at any challenges you’re currently navigating, does anything look different, or more possible now you’re viewing it from a new perspective?

I’ve noticed I’ve been getting bogged down by winter lately, and now that I’ve brought a touch of yellow into my experience my shoulders have gone back, I feel like I can take a big breath, and feel ever so slightly more optimistic.

With love as always, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by J Lee on Unsplash

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