This too shall pass

Humans ebb and flow. Sometimes we feel joyous, energised, optimistic, sometimes we feel lethargic and hopeless. Sometimes we don’t know how we feel, we feel numb, or lost, or just ok.

We are emotional and chemical organisms. We change, we feel different from one day to the next, we feel different from one moment to the next. We are never consistently the same.

The strange thing is we have a habit of believing when we’re feeling overwhelmed, maybe because work is consistently stressful, maybe because finances are tight, maybe because the long nights are a challenge, that the feeling will last forever.

Feelings of overwhelm have a habit of swallowing us up. Our gremlins suggest everyone else is having an easier time of it, everyone else gets to sail through life and come out looking beautiful. Feeling overwhelmed, coupled with the gremlin chatter that inevitably ensues, can lead us to feel like we’re doomed.

But the simplest of things can help in these moments. Remembering the phrase ‘this too shall pass’ reminds us that these feelings will change, and that we will feel positive and energised again.

Humans naturally experience emotional range. We are like pianos, with the high notes and the low notes. The highs and the lows are part of the human experience.

The challenging times will always come, but it’s likely we’ll feel positive and energised again quickly if we are self-caring. When we have regular self-care practices we help to move the heavy feelings along. If we’re doing self-care even in the lighter times, it sets us up to deal with those challenging times too.

Remembering to practice a bit of yoga in the morning, or taking fresh walks outside, or speaking to someone you trust can help to navigate life in a lighter, more positive way, and lead us to more easily remember, when things get heavy, that ‘this too shall pass.’

With love, Hannah

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Photo by Dil on Unsplash

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