Tiny changes

I was lucky enough to get away on a holiday these past 10 days. We had to jump through a number of hoops to ensure we were travelling safely, but we made it in the end and it was so lovely to relax and re-energise in a different place. I know a trip isn’t possible for everybody right now but I noticed the power of a new place in helping me find new perspectives on the challenges that are ahead. If you can go to a different town or village or green space it can help enormously.

Now taking a trip or finding a new place to be are fairly big changes that help us maintain resilience. But what I wanted to discuss today was the power of those smaller changes that can help us feel well. Myself and my fellow Birds often find ourselves encouraging folks to think about 1% shifts, what could you do a tiny bit differently, that when done persistently, will have a positive cumulative effect on your wellbeing?

Examples are dancing to one song through the day, singing to one song each week, drinking one extra glass of water with each meal, finding something to laugh at, stopping to breathe rather than holding your breath and hammering through that long to-do list.

For me, I try to get outside for a daily walk, and I am back on my commitment to do a little bit of yoga each day. They aren’t massive shifts, but over time I know they help me and add to my ability to deal with challenges.

I think over the next few months we absolutely need to be prioritising our resilience, and if you can find a way to make some tiny changes to create that cumulative sense of wellbeing, then you will be much more equipped for whatever comes.

With love as ever, Hannah and Team Bird

PS. If you would like to attend some wellbeing webinars over the next few months we would love to hear what kind of support/topics would be of interest to you. Would space to just discuss challenges and be heard be useful? Would more structured sessions on resilience be useful? Please send me an email at hannah@birdmovement.com to share your thoughts.

Photo by Joshua Lanzarini on Unsplash

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