Two ways to help yourself in 2018

As the year draws to a close it’s important to reflect on what we’ve achieved and learned through the year. For me it has been a year of newness – new camper-van and a new home. It’s been a year of silver linings – getting into yoga properly because of a running injury. And a year of growth – Bird has doubled its reach this year with 1:1 coaching and group workshops with some truly wonderful clients.

Along with looking back to acknowledge what’s passed, it’s important to look ahead too. What do you want from the year next year? How do you want to forge forward? Do you want more balance? More peace? More self-care? More energy? What is it that you truly want in 2018?

As I’ve discussed many times over the years there are numerous tools you can use to explore what you want, get clarity and take action.

And I’d like to share a couple of ways with you now (spoiler – one is a big old promo for the amazing coaching work we do at Bird!)…

I was introduced to a wonderful organisation last year – Think Trigg  – they create beautiful planners called Life Mappers that bring together productivity and mindfulness. I was drawn to them again this year when they rejected Black Friday hysteria and instead donated a percentage of profits to charity from all planners sold the following Monday. The Trigg Life Mapper is described as ‘an advanced page a day diary that guides you towards your most valued goals. It effectively helps you identify then tackle the intentions that will transform your life for the better.’ If you want to use a beautiful Trigg Life Mapper in 2018 to stay focussed, productive, less reliant on technology and mindful get your hands on a copy. Bird blog readers can get a 10% discount too by adding the code BIRD10 at the checkout.

And secondly, January is a brilliant time to start doing some personal reflective work, and what better way to do that than hiring yours truly as your coach. We’d work together for three months where you’d explore who you are at your core, what you really want in life, what your purpose here on earth is, what your core values are, how to move past self sabotage, how to increase your self-love and self-esteem and how to build your resilience in the face of an ever moving ever challenging world. Email me here to arrange a complementary sample session to see if coaching is something you’d like to explore. 

Sending love and hopes for the best year yet in 2018.

Hannah x

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