Visualising the future

Throughout the pandemic I have been working on surrendering to the experience, and trying to stay present and be self-caring from one day to the next. I have not always succeeded at this for sure, I am still very much learning.

More recently I realised one of the things I was struggling with was the lack of ‘thing’ to look forward to. Pre Covid-19 I would have a family gathering, a visit to see friends, a holiday, a concert, a trip to the cinema lined up. I didn’t recognise that the absence of these things was getting me down. These little events in my calendar created hope and forward motion.

I have been missing the events, but perhaps even more so, I’ve been missing the feeling of excitement of heading towards them.

And so recently I decided to make plans again. Of course, all the plans I make might not be possible when it comes to them, but I realised I could re-ignite the feeling of excitement and hope that comes with the vision. One of my very closest friends is getting married on the other side of the world in October, now I definitely can’t go now, but maybe, just maybe, in four months time I might be able to get there. And so I have decided to live as if it’s happening. I am imagining being at her sunny wedding, celebrating and having lots of fun.

I know there is a very real chance I won’t make it there, but to have those images of being there and celebrating has honestly increased my mood no end. And if manifesting really does work then maybe, just maybe, it will be a reality.

So here’s to visioning the future, thinking of the things we love to do and triggering some happy hormones as we hope and imagine and dream that they will become a reality.

Have a lovely weekend, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

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