Wasted potential

I’ve been having a few conversations lately about wasted potential. I was reminded about a job I worked in a few years ago where I’d go along, and literally count down the minutes. The job was fulfilling some needs, ie paying my rent and keeping me fed, but I can remember literally imagining there was a glass ceiling above my head that I was trying to break through. I felt like I wasn’t seen in the job, felt like people expected so little of me. In many ways being expected nothing of is just as stressful and debilitating as being expected too much of. I found a path out, but it took a while and it took lots of trial and error with different jobs and courses and volunteering and talking to people to find my essence.

I know there are other people who feel this about their work, people who want more.

It’s time to release that amazing potential and get connected to your essence.

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