We Can Do Hard Things

In the UK, there’s no doubt we have entered into a new challenging period with lockdown measures.

For so many of us right now life is hard.

And yet, there are so many spaces and places we can look to for support. At the moment during times when I feel overwhelmed I think about the wise words of Glennon Doyle.

Glennon has been talking about navigating the ups and downs of life for years, and shares candidly about her own journey. For me right now her words are taking on even deeper meaning. And there are no words of hers that I’ve found more helpful over recent weeks than these:

We Can Do Hard Things.

We humans are inherently resilient, and wise, and resourceful and creative. And we can survive the tough times. You will survive these tough times.

Sometimes we forget that we can get through the challenges. And I think this clear and powerful reminder is so helpful when we doubt our own ability to make it through.

I’d like to reinforce the messages I send out time and time again, please think about the tools you have for wellbeing. Is it meditation, is it talking to a trusted friend or professional about what’s going on for you, is it dancing out your feelings, is it cooking, is it creating a peaceful or expansive or inspiring playlist?

For me right now I am in both therapy and I have coaching, and I do 10 minutes or so of yoga each day and 10 minutes of meditation. I also use my exercise allowance to get outside, and I regularly check in with friends and family. I also dance a little bit, sing a little bit and have just picked up the Ukulele (currently I can play hot cross buns, that’s the extent of it!)

My point is, your tool box can be a few bits and pieces that you dip into here and there. But it’s helpful to identify what those actions are and have them to hand in order to navigate through the hard times.

We will all get through this.

With much love, as ever, Hannah and Team Bird

Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash

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