We need to talk about it…

The other day I watched this BBC short and was in tears. It shares how vital it was for many people to discuss how they felt in times of challenge. Those interviewed are people we all know, people who have been in the public eye, people who in some cases have spent their lives giving the impression they have everything together.

The film reminded me that so often just talking about mental or emotional challenges can make all the difference. It also reminded me how common it is to keep concerns a secret, because unfortunately we still live within a society that thinks if you’ve got to talk about how you’re feeling you’re somehow damaged or failing.

I know that people who think about, discuss and work through what’s going on inside of them (no matter how big or small the problem) are the strongest, bravest, most evolved humans we have in this world.

It is not a weakness to discuss how you feel, it is a powerful, intelligent and brave way to travel through life.

So here’s to speaking, and sharing and listening to how we, and those around us, feel.

With love, Hannah

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

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