What do you desperately want to improve?

Much of the time we’re plotting and planning what we’re going to get better at, or change, or improve. It’s easy to become fixated on being better at work, being slimmer or more fit, improving parenting skills, or making our relationships better and stronger.

At Bird we’re all for having a vision and finding a way to create that vision. We support people to step into their leadership at work or as a parent, we support people to have courageous conversations in order to improve relationships, and we help people move past their self-sabotage in order to get out the door and working on their health and fitness.

However, sometimes vision can turn into fixation. Fixation is where we put all of our energy and thoughts into making the changes, to the detriment of having fun and feeling good. We become obsessed.

Personally I find myself in that space around work. I have always worked hard, and no more than now I run Bird. I absolutely love Bird and all that we do here, I believe passionately in the purpose and mission of what we’re trying to achieve and I spend a lot of time thinking and planning what’s next. However, and there is a vulnerability here in sharing this, I sometimes get obsessed and I start to worry, and catastrophise and get bogged down by the little things.

The other day I was cycling along the sea front (it was beautiful) and was really aware about how much I was worrying about a few things about the business. I realised, in that beautiful moment that I connect success in work with my worth. It was a lightbulb moment: I tell myself the story that if my work is successful then I am enough, and I am worthy.

The moment I had that realisation a small wise voice rose up and said to me: Hannah, your worth comes from within. You are already worthy, and enough, you do not need to prove a thing in order to achieve that.


That realisation created so much relief and I realised that when I remind myself I’m already enough and I’m already worthy, it leaves space for me to simply ENJOY my work. Rather than approaching work as a means for worthiness I approach it as a way to be creative, to be compassionate, to connect with others, to bring peace, to bring calm, to support others, to learn, to grow, and to see what I’m really capable of.

Working towards a vision when you already believe you are enough makes the journey fun, light, exciting, and most likely successful beyond measure. When we approach a vision feeling like it has to work otherwise we’re not enough, the whole process is heavy and hard and we fail by default.

The thoughts are deep this week, and certainly worth contemplating. What comes up for you around vision and worthiness? Is there something in your life you attach your worthiness to? What needs to change to make things feel lighter and easier?

I’d love to hear.

Sending love as always, Hannah

There’s still some time left this month (and if you’re not aware Mental Health Awareness week in May also has a focus on Stress this year) to arrange a Dealing with Stress session with us. Click here or the link below to enquire. 

And if it feels time to do some coaching, we’re always open to discussing whether myself or the Bird associates can work with you.

Photo by Saúl Venegas on Unsplash

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