What I do to keep myself feeling free…

I have a little flame that lives in my chest and becomes brighter and bigger when I feel free, at peace, grateful and excited. It’s been super bright when I’ve been on a boat travelling to a Thai island, or when I’m with my best friends and we’re putting the world to rights over a bottle of red wine.

Frustratingly though, my flame can sometimes get lost in a smoke of confusion, frustration, misdirection and headiness. When this happens I have no access to any vision of the future or appreciation of the now. I’ve learnt the flame disappears when I take life too seriously. I get caught up in the need to have everything go really ‘well’ and get bogged down with scenarios of things not going as expected. As a result I feel a disconnect to the real Hannah.

Recently I’ve been looking for ways to connect more easily to that flame feeling, because it doesn’t help me or anyone else if I’m in a flameless fog. And so I have decided to say ‘fuck it’. To everything.

Saying fuck it means throwing caution to the wind and becoming open to anything and everything. When I’m that person on the boat anything is possible, it doesn’t matter if things go wrong because I know that I’m resourceful enough to deal with anything that comes my way. Saying fuck it makes me free, I become open to possibilities and I get more connected to my essence, my flame.

I feel often, the most creative responses, the most unimagined twist and turns in life come from situations where we just say fuck it, connect to our essence and open ourselves up to the unimaginable.

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