When a group of amazing people come together…

This weekend I assisted at a coaching workshop. The participants of the group came from all over the globe, bringing a variety of ideas, cultures, languages and experiences into one room for three days. And the result was incredible.

The group connected on such a profound level, all seeing each other as the beautiful human beings that they all were and creating change together. It showed me the power of diversity and how people who come from different corners of the world can become so close they’re almost family. There was no judgement here, no room for thoughts or decisions about what others might think. It was a room of people ready to unleash their hidden gems of amazing.

It’s a situation you so rarely come across, so often in society there is judgement within groups and with judgement comes defensiveness and with defensiveness comes resentment. The cycle builds, but the cycle can be crushed when openness, vulnerability, connection and courage come into play.

I sat at the back of the room all weekend, helping out when needed. The best way I can describe the impact of this amazingly diverse and open group was that I came away with the most serene feeling of calm. It was like that feeling you get when you’ve been crying and you feel kind of cleansed inside. Though this weekend I wasn’t crying, I was blown away…

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