We have identified six key areas of resiliency building and deliver workshops & coaching on each topic.

Dealing With Stress

Stress is one of the biggest issues not-for-profit organisations face.

The ability to recognise when the body, behaviour or emotions are telling them they’re experiencing high levels of stress.
Actionable strategies that can be implemented to support them in stressful times.
A partner to provide them with accountability moving forward in order to continue to keep stress at bay.

Navigating Uncertainty And Dealing With Perfectionism

The not-for-profit sector is fraught with uncertainty, which leads to controlling behaviour and perfectionism.

Strategies to help them shift their perspective around uncertainty in order to reduce worry and increase productivity.
An understanding that others feel uncertain and that support is key.
A partner to provide them with accountability moving forward in order to continue navigating uncertainty with resilience.

Mental Health Awareness

We all have mental health – it’s time to talk about it.

Feelings of confidence, empowerment and an ability to talk about their own mental health.
Strategies to help themselves around mental ill health.
An ability to support others around their mental health, boosting the organisation’s mental health overall.

Mastering Self-Care

Self-care is a priority not a luxury if we are to show up confidently, passionately and with clarity day after day.

Five key strategies they can implement to heighten their self-care.
Feelings of empowerment to prioritise their self-care practices, knowing that it’s key to them working more effectively.
An ability to share ideas and strategies with colleagues in order to create a wider company culture of self-care.

Getting Focused And Taking Action

Finding a way past barriers, and towards action, is key to personal and organisational growth.

Hands on experience of Bird’s unique ‘Finding Focus’ process, applicable to any goal or challenge.
Increased energy around a particular area of focus that they want to work on.
Absolute clarity about next actions and an accountability partner to keep them on track.

Boundaries And Courageous Conversations

It’s hard to say no sometimes, but to be resilient and productive we must learn when and how to do so.

An understanding of what their boundaries are and why they matter.
The ability to have courageous conversations with others in order to maintain their boundaries.
A team culture where individuals have permission to say no where necessary.

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