You are already magnificent

I just want to be one of the great successes of the world, a great artist, or a pioneer, a great carer or political fighter. I want to feel happy and truthful and fulfilled every day, I want to have no money worries, no concerns about getting too old, no fear about whether I have achieved what I need to have achieved. I wonder when that day will be, will it be in ten years, in twenty years? Will it be when I own a house, a dog, a campervan, a holiday home in Italy? Will it be when I have several businesses all thriving away, when I can spend a whole day with no direction?

When will it be?

Pondering this I take a moment to look at myself, as if flying over my head watching the day dream. And I see myself full of creativity, love, resourcefulness and I realise I already have all that I need. Inside me is a big whirly pool of magnificence, I don’t need anything extra, anything else, I have it already there right at my finger tips. And I see that the only person stopping me from diving into my pool of greatness is me.

And so, I ask myself kindly ‘please step aside, I’m ready to dive in, I’m ready to live magnificently.’

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