You can have what you really want

I write to you today from a boutique hotel up in the Ibizan hills. I am sitting by the pool, feeling the cool breeze and the warmth of the sun on my body. I just popped back into my room to find a gift of avocados from the garden on my bed, beautifully gift wrapped (avocados are my favourite, favourite thing in the world – more than chocolate, honest). I’ve spent the past day coaching gorgeous clients from my hotel room, doing transformational work and feeling incredibly connected to each of them despite the physical distance.

I am in heaven.

And I’m working. I’m working and I’m in heaven.

And I dreamed of a life like this. I am in a profession that positively impacts the world. I am in a profession where it is a requirement that I own my own story and follow my own dreams in order to support others in achieving theirs. Although my being here hasn’t solely been my own making (Keivor had work here so I came along for the ride) I still had to say yes to the opportunity, I still had to overcome my gremlins that panicked at the thought that the internet might be too slow for me to coach via Skype from Ibiza. I still had to overcome my gremlins that suggested taking so much time to drive down here might be detrimental to my work. I stepped into my inner core, my inner knowing that knows whenever I get into a new environment that involves sun, sea, gorgeous food and beautiful wine, I connect to a power way stronger than if I play it safe, listen to my gremlins and carry on as normal.

Right now I feel ridiculously empowered. I know that this will not be the last time I come to this hotel to stay and work, I know that next time I will be funding the whole trip, I will be stepping into my power to say that I want to work and be in places that energise me. I deserve to work and be in places that energise me, because when I’m energised and happy and empowered my contribution to the world increases ten fold.

This, my friends, is the power of coaching. Without all the coaching I have had I would be so far away from my current reality. Coaching makes all that you dream of attainable. It isn’t an instant process, that’s for sure, and in the words of Brené Brown it can feel like a street fight at times, wrestling with gremlins, feeling sadness at the stories we’ve told ourselves for years, feeling resentful of our own limiting beliefs. But with time, and support from empowered coaches, it’s possible to design, create and believe you deserve exactly what you want.

Life is precious, and short, and not worth doing any settling for. So I implore you to find a piece of paper, write out your dreams, and then start the work to make them happen. It is possible, and my goodness do you deserve it.

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